About Us:

We are a support group for clients with autism of Gheel Services Ltd. Gheel supply adult support services to adults with autism in the Dublin/Kildare region. As the name implies the membership consists of parents, siblings and extended families of adults affected by autism . We accept help and advice from any person wishing to help in any way as friends. In particular, we appreciate professional expertise in legal matters and fields including multidisciplinary healthcare, information technology and public relations to help us achieve our aims. We welcome assistance from anybody who is willing to provide it.

Our Aims

  • To improve the lives of our loved ones by positive action.
  • To ensure each client achieves their full potential, in keeping with his or her ability.
  • To advocate and ensure the lifelong welfare of clients as individuals.
  • To offer support and encouragement to the staff of the Gheel Services organisation
  • To promote and maintain meaningful representation within the Board of Gheel by encouraging and supporting suitable candidates to take positions on the Board.
  • To encourage and support people of ability to offer their talents and expertise in a voluntary capacity for the benefit of our loved ones.
  • To cooperate with other organisations in the pursuit of common goals.

Public Awareness

  • Making legitimate, appropriate, representations and submissions to Public Bodies and Public Representatives on various matters affecting vulnerable people.
  • Vulnerable people do not have a voice and are dependent on others to ensure:-
  • Appropriate, client- centred and quality-oriented services and accommodation.
  • Appropriate socio-economic support.      
  • Appropriate clinical governance of all services provided.
  • Appropriate medical treatment.   
  • Appropriate legal protection.       
  • Appropriate social interaction.
  • Bearing in mind that parents are advocates from the birth of offspring and until they are no longer able due to incapacity by illness, advancing age or death, it is essential that proper structures and processes are in place to fill the parental void. A ‘living will’ in respect of loved ones should be in place by law with a Statutory Register of all Wills.

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